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First Technical Innovation for Club Tennis in Over Two Decades
Metal racquets, synthetic strings, and red, yellow, and green dot tennis have been the only innovations that made it to club tennis. None of the interactive technologies or analytics system that are available to professional tennis or other sports have matriculated to club tennis. The most recent innovation is to shrink the court for kids, which is how other major sports have treated youth participation for decades.
Focus on the Core Tennis Player
Tennis lives at the club level. We want to create great products for these players. When adults and kids love their lessons, club matches, and clinics tennis thrives. Time on-court is precious. We want to make every on-court experience great.
Make Clubs More Profitable
Tennis facilities typically operate with low profit margins. The going concern for our home facilities may be tenuous. We developed AccuTennis as a tool for Clubs to improve and expand their business.